There is something just a little extra sweet about having a baby boy after a girl. Or a baby girl after boy.

Heck, if you’re a parent you know that it  really doesn’t make it any less special if you have all boys. Or all girls.


Having a girl after three boys? Three boys that are over the moon to have a sister?

Well, that IS something special. And it was.

My favorite parts of this day/s (I did go back the next morning and do a First 48 with her brothers meeting her, because, how could you not??)….

Mom getting her nose sweetly scratched from the itchy anesthesia. The way baby Madeline calmed as soon as she was put on mom’s chest. The way she kept her eyes clenched tightly shut for as long as I can remember (this outside world is not near as dark and cozy as mom’s tummy). The way her itty bitty ears were folded. How much she loved daddy’s arms right away. The curious and hesitant touch of the baby of the brothers. The curious and madly-in-love-touch of the middle brother. The way the oldest brother didn’t want to leave his mommy’s side. Madeline’s downy soft fuzzy hair. All the pink.

We are thrilled you are here Madeline. You are a very loved, cherished, and protected little girl!

Meet Jace. He made this session so easy by sleeping through most of it! His mommy is a friend of mine, so it was super sweet to see how her arms had already become his place of peace.

Unrelated, but she has also been the most organized mom I’ve ever seen when it comes to keeping track of milestones. The chair you see in these photos is the same one she has put him in every month for his monthly milestone picture, and I love following along on social media. Congrats again G family…I’ve loved watching Jace grow!

I almostttt didn’t share this session.

Because, well, this family of three is now a family of four, and I’ve done two sessions with these precious people since. I even spent the day with them at the hospital last week as they welcomed the fourth member of the family; another little boy.

But, that is precisely why I decided to go ahead and blog this one. Because as a mom (or dad) when you look back on pictures before one of your kiddos was around, it seems surreal. You can’t picture your family without that extra piece. But it’s also bittersweet. These guys love their oldest little guy so much, and as I looked through these again I felt I was seeing them with different eyes. These were taken early in mom’s pregnancy, and you can just saw how special their relationship is with Jude, the now-big-brother.

I hope these are sweet, sweet memories of their last few months as a family of three.



There are a lot of words you think of when you imagine the emotion of a baby’s arrival. With these sweet friends of mine, the things that repeatedly came to mind as I witnessed this perfect day were excitement, and pride.

There was so much of this in the hospital with them that day. There were overjoyed to meet their son, and I loved watching them marvel over his every inch….in a “we made this!!” way.

I loved watching daddy hold his son for the first time, with the biggest smile you can imagine. I loved watching them introduce their baby boy to their parents (just wait…most precious grandparent photos ever). And most of all, I loved watching my friend just gaze down at him in the quiet moments, getting to know this tiny little human that was knit together inside of her.