Jack | Fort Worth Lifestyle Photographer

Please tell me these aren't the sweetest, most priceless memories. Why have I not been hired for more of these?! Please do this. Please take your babies to your grandparent's house and let them do what they do every time they visit.

We all remember those SPECIFIC things we would play with every time we visited the grandparents. And they usually weren't toys--just interesting treasures that only grandmas and grandpas have. Mine were glass grapes, the candle snuffer, and Jenga (though I'm sure theres some I'm forgetting).

I loved hearing how this little one always gravitated towards the same things. I loved the interaction between these precious kiddos and their great grandpa. I loved the cozy, worn, warm environment of a grandparent's house.

We even snuck in some pictures of Jack doing some of the memorable activities that his granddaughter (my client and friend) shared were very "him." Solitaire, and sling-shotting squirrels in the backyard. 

The best.

Please do this. If not with my camera, than with yours. Just get those memories documented!