B Family | Fort Worth Children's Photographer

Maybe I'll make this a tradition...I'll get around to blogging sessions right before I see said family the following year.

Kidding, but only slightly. I adore this family more than I can explain, and they are nothing short of a JOY to photograph. I couldn't not share images from their last family session. They are some of my faves.

See you guys soon!


W Family | Fort Worth Children's Photographer

How gorgeous is this family?!

They all have such a natural confidence in front of the camera, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't lovvvve going through their images again.  These boys....my goodness they were the sweetest little subjects!! Just wait.

And yes, still sharing fall sessions over here. Hoping to mayyyybe be caught up before the end of the summer??


P Family | Fort Worth Children's Photographer

Today when I was picking my daughter up from her summer "camp" at preschool I heard this little, sweet, familiar voice..."Hi Ms. Bree!!"

I knew immediately who it was, because this precious girl somehow remembers me every time I see her. I photograph them once, maybe twice a year, and yet she consistently recognizes me and says hello. Charlotte, you are a doll, and you make me smile every time I see you!

Additionally, this mama was actually the one who referred me to our school, and I couldn't be more grateful. But, that is only one of the many reasons I adore this family. They are so laid back, so easy to photograph, and comfortable enough with me that they just allow me to follow them around as they interact with one another--which is my favorite thing to do with little ones.

Aren't they the cutest thing you've seen all day?