Bluebonnets | Fort Worth Family Photography

This little angel-face and her mama have been my "guinea pigs" for some time now. They have to be two of the most laid-back ladies I know...always up to let me experiment. See: this post. I only shoot outdoors a small percentage of the time, and I knew I wasn't going to be offering bluebonnet sessions this year. HowEVER, being a Texas girl, I am a little obsessed with these little blue and white buds.

So, planning for possible future sessions, and wanting to get some photos of my own family without having to use a remote, I mentioned the idea to Grace and we set a (play)date.

grace peek 2grace peek 1grace peek 3grace peek 4

I already bragged a little on the two girls in this family, but dad is pretty great too. My husband always enjoys talking with him, and he is just as easy-going and friendly as his wife and daughter. It was a breeze shooting these, to say the least.

grace peek 5grace peek 6grace peek 7grace peek 8grace peek 9grace peek 10grace peek 11grace peek 12

This last one might be my favorite:

grace peek 13

And here is our little circus. Having another family there with us meant I got a picture with me IN IT! Kind of a rarity. grace peek 15

Addie has two sides. She is 50% ornery and stubborn.grace peek 16

grace peek 19

And 50% pure sugar.grace peek 17

This one is just always sweet:grace peek 18

grace peek 14

What do you think? Bluebonnet sessions worth offering next year?? Who can come make this child smile?