Bonnets and Bows | DFW Baby Photography

These girls are growing so fast! This 9-month shoot was my fourth time to photograph them, and I can't tell you how fun it is to see all the new changes with each new visit. Last time I photographed them, at 6 months, they weren't sitting up unassisted yet. This time, they are pulling up and standing and trying to grab my camera :)

These girls have a gorgeous nursery, but we actually ventured outside with them for part of their session this time and it was a hoot. They are moving everywhere, so sitting on a dock trying to keep two mobile babies safe was pretty entertaining. We also photographed them in their bonnets for the first time, and oh my word. Nothing cuter.

All this being said. I have a confession to make. Even though this is my job, I still totally understand the hesitancy to hire a photographer for multiple sessions. It's definitely an investment and I definitely get it. But then when I have clients like these, who I have been working with since their First 48 in the hospital, I'm reminded again of why these sessions are so wonderful. What a treasure these parents have, having all these ordinary moments in pictures. The common saying about days being long and years being short surely can't be more true than when raising twins. The days are infinitely more busy and that first year must go by infinitely more quickly. I hope that these pictures provide them with tangible memories of the first year with their babies...arguably the most special, filled-with-tiny-moments year any parent will ever have.

Next time I see them they will be ONE!

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Elin | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

Baby Elin Drew. Just cannot get enough of her.

It may have been dark and rainy on the morning of her shoot, but her family was pure sunshine. So much adoration and love for this new itty bitty person in their home.

As an aside, I am very easy-going about sibling pictures during newborn sessions. If big brother or sister is happy to hold baby, great; if they are wincing and pouting, thats fine too. It's real life and that's what I'm there to capture....they'll be best friends someday and those kind of pictures will provide lots of smiles and laughs.

But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a bit of a dream to capture siblings that are utterly enthralled with their new baby. And these two big kids....truly enamored. Hopefully some of the images below show you at least a glimpse of it...the touching of fingers and toes and the 1000 kisses on sister's soft little head. It was just the sweetest.

Speaking of baby's head, this beautiful little girl had the most gorgeous hair...I don't know if you can tell, but her hair was like spun gold. Truly. It had bits and flecks of blonde woven throughout that almost made her hair shimmer. One more little detail to add to the perfection of this session. Ashley 5Ashley 3Ashley 2Ashley 1

Ashley 7Ashley 8Ashley 10Ashley 9Ashley 11Ashley 12Ashley 13Ashley 14Ashley 15

Ashley 23Ashley 22Ashley 21Ashley 24

Ashley 19Ashley 20

Ashley 25

Ashley 26Ashley 27Ashley 28Ashley 29Ashley 30

Ashley 31Ashley 17Ashley 18

Air Show

I took so many pictures yesterday; harsh sun and a half-sick kiddo aside. We had such a wonderful time watching the Blue Angels....we didnt do anything else at the Air Power Expo (see: sick-kiddo) but I'm just proud of us for finally making it to one.

I mentioned on IG yesterday that I had been wanting to take our seven-year-old since he was, oh about 3. And he had sounded really excited about it when I mentioned it it the day before. His Aunt Donna was even here to go with us! But, he was a little more subdued than I expected...I'm sure due to the fact that he didn't feel great. We're already planning to attend the one in the fall, so hopefully he will be his normal wild and interested-in-everything self. :)

Our 19mo old though? Opposite of subdued. She was exuberant. COMPLETELY thrilled by those planes, and we all had a heck of a time watching her.

Air Show 18

Air Show 2Air Show 3

Air Show 5

Air Show 6Air Show 7

Air Show 1

This was her expression every time the planes disappeared. "Where'd they go??"

Air Show 4

And when they reappeared:Air Show 9Air Show 10

Lots of clapping and pointing :)Air Show 11Air Show 12Air Show 13Air Show 14Air Show 15Air Show 16Air Show 17