Bonnets and Bows | DFW Baby Photography

These girls are growing so fast! This 9-month shoot was my fourth time to photograph them, and I can't tell you how fun it is to see all the new changes with each new visit. Last time I photographed them, at 6 months, they weren't sitting up unassisted yet. This time, they are pulling up and standing and trying to grab my camera :)

These girls have a gorgeous nursery, but we actually ventured outside with them for part of their session this time and it was a hoot. They are moving everywhere, so sitting on a dock trying to keep two mobile babies safe was pretty entertaining. We also photographed them in their bonnets for the first time, and oh my word. Nothing cuter.

All this being said. I have a confession to make. Even though this is my job, I still totally understand the hesitancy to hire a photographer for multiple sessions. It's definitely an investment and I definitely get it. But then when I have clients like these, who I have been working with since their First 48 in the hospital, I'm reminded again of why these sessions are so wonderful. What a treasure these parents have, having all these ordinary moments in pictures. The common saying about days being long and years being short surely can't be more true than when raising twins. The days are infinitely more busy and that first year must go by infinitely more quickly. I hope that these pictures provide them with tangible memories of the first year with their babies...arguably the most special, filled-with-tiny-moments year any parent will ever have.

Next time I see them they will be ONE!

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