Penny | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

You might be able to guess from the sheer amount of pictures in this post, but I really, really loved this session.

Baby Penelope was born into such a sweet family, and she is an apple that did not fall at all far from the tree--just as calm and easy going as the rest of her group. Mind you, I only know these guys through this session, but there was something so real, and genuine, and kind about them. Plus, the artist in me totally adored shooting in their home. The doors and windows were open and the whole space just had an home-y, peaceful, collected feel about it.

And big brother? I mean...complete doll. He played his guitar for me and happily held baby sister for me and told me everything he knew about all the planets. Well probably not everything; this boy is filled with information and I left thinking I really need to be teaching my daughter more ;)

Congratulations K have some precious babies!

Tamara 19

Tamara 4

Tamara 5

Tamara 6Tamara 7Tamara 8

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