Annie | Aledo Newborn Photography

I have been blessed to enter the homes of some of the sweetest families, and I really do gain a sense of gratitude for their trust in me. Trusting me in their living spaces, with their kiddos, with their brand new's a big deal, and I don't take it lightly.

When precious friends enter the mix, that is compounded by a trillion, and I just leave the sessions SO thankful. This gorgeous mom is one of the kindest, friendliest, nicest people I know, and to watch their family grow is a really really happy thing. Camille 3Camille 4Camille 5Camille 6Camille 7Camille 8Camille 9Camille 10Camille 11Camille 12Camille 13Camille 14Camille 15Camille 16Camille 17Camille 18Camille 19Camille 20Camille 21Camille 22Camille 23Camille 24Camille 25Camille 26

Camille 1