Evie James | Aledo Newborn Photography

Pride comes before a fall, right?

I generally pride myself on being pretty consistent with my blogging, and now here I find myself MANY sessions deep in galleries that are just languishing on my hard drive. They have been delivered into the hands of my sweet clients, but working with newborns, and trying to keep my turnaround pretty quick for birth announcements, etc., it's all I've been able to do.

But, I really, really do like having up-to-date sessions here, because it is an easy way for prospective clients to have a chance to see what my "style" is. I have directed inquiries here many, many times when I've felt like a mama may be looking for something else for their newborn session.

So all that being said, here is the first of a few spring/summer sessions that have yet to be published! Evie James and her family...quite honestly one of the sweetest sister duos I have ever photographed! Evie 1Evie 2Evie 3Evie 4Evie 5Evie 6Evie 7Evie 8Evie 9Evie 10Evie 11Evie 12Evie 13Evie 14

Annie | Aledo Newborn Photography

I have been blessed to enter the homes of some of the sweetest families, and I really do gain a sense of gratitude for their trust in me. Trusting me in their living spaces, with their kiddos, with their brand new babies....it's a big deal, and I don't take it lightly.

When precious friends enter the mix, that is compounded by a trillion, and I just leave the sessions SO thankful. This gorgeous mom is one of the kindest, friendliest, nicest people I know, and to watch their family grow is a really really happy thing. Camille 3Camille 4Camille 5Camille 6Camille 7Camille 8Camille 9Camille 10Camille 11Camille 12Camille 13Camille 14Camille 15Camille 16Camille 17Camille 18Camille 19Camille 20Camille 21Camille 22Camille 23Camille 24Camille 25Camille 26

Camille 1