Air Show

I took so many pictures yesterday; harsh sun and a half-sick kiddo aside. We had such a wonderful time watching the Blue Angels....we didnt do anything else at the Air Power Expo (see: sick-kiddo) but I'm just proud of us for finally making it to one.

I mentioned on IG yesterday that I had been wanting to take our seven-year-old since he was, oh about 3. And he had sounded really excited about it when I mentioned it it the day before. His Aunt Donna was even here to go with us! But, he was a little more subdued than I expected...I'm sure due to the fact that he didn't feel great. We're already planning to attend the one in the fall, so hopefully he will be his normal wild and interested-in-everything self. :)

Our 19mo old though? Opposite of subdued. She was exuberant. COMPLETELY thrilled by those planes, and we all had a heck of a time watching her.

Air Show 18

Air Show 2Air Show 3

Air Show 5

Air Show 6Air Show 7

Air Show 1

This was her expression every time the planes disappeared. "Where'd they go??"

Air Show 4

And when they reappeared:Air Show 9Air Show 10

Lots of clapping and pointing :)Air Show 11Air Show 12Air Show 13Air Show 14Air Show 15Air Show 16Air Show 17