6 Months | DFW Baby Photography

Caroline and Hatton are 6 months old! Watch them grow here and here...

There are so many fun things about photographing these girls:

The contrast between one really serious baby and one really smiley baby

Trying to prop two not-quite-yet sitting babies up, at the same time.

Watching their petite mama lift and carry both of them as if they don't weigh a thing

Double the monograms!

How mom and dad have feeding two babies down to an art--and how these girls can already hold their own bottle

Outfit changes for two babies at once

BUT, my favorite favorite favorite thing is watching how these sisters look at each other, and reach for each other, and touch and poke and grab each other. You hear it all the time and I'll say it again--the connection between twins is just something else, and I love getting to photograph it.

And we'll start with another one of my favorites...baby legs....times two.

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