Adalyn's Newborn Shoot

I have so many things I want to document and share on here. But like the laundry, and my makeup, it just doesn't get done often enough these days. I have so many photos I took this summer to document Ian's last days as an only child and our last couple of months as a family of three, and I have Adalyn's 2 month birthday post to finish…and her 2 month birthday was yesterday. Sorry sweet girl…just always know if I'm behind on here, it's because I don't ever want to say no to you when you want to be held or nap on my chest. This journal here is important to me, but those times with you are even more so. So, since I don't have any of those things done, I am sharing another photographers work. Whitney, of Whitney Bennett Photography, took us on as clients after I frantically emailed her looking for a photographer to do a newborn shoot for us in like, five days (and newborn shoots are typically scheduled months out). I had planned on taking pictures of Adalyn myself, and then realized once we got home with this tiny precious thing that needed every bit of our attention (and was happily given it) that that was never going to happen. And yet, I knew I would probably not have another newborn, and I did NOT want to let these first several sweet days go by without documenting them. And I also knew, with my preference of being behind the camera and not in front of it, that weeks would probably pass before I actually had any pictures of me with my little girl. So I bit the bullet and hired someone, and wow. I found her through a google search…which we all know can be hit or miss…and she was such a blessing. It seemed like it was meant to be. :) She is attending my alma mater working on a social work degree, and volunteers as a photographer at the local children's hospital…something I have always wanted to do and have never had the guts or gumption to do it. But I will. Soon.

Whitney did a beautiful job, and I'm so incredibly thankful for this time she captured for us that already seems so long ago...

blog 1This is the cradle my dad made for me when I was born. He got it out of his attic and had all new cushions and blankets made for it. :) blog 2

A sweet little tiny leg, and big brother trying unsuccessfully to hold his new sister.

Thank you Whitney. I am forever grateful.