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I am so, so excited to share these with you. It feels like I'm finally, finally getting to share my heart through my work. As many of you know, I packed my camera away for almost a year. Uninspired by photography and filled with all the emotions that come with a pregnancy and new baby, I just didn't have the desire to pursue this little small business that my husband so fervently encouraged me towards three years ago. I prayed and prayed for some guidance, and some inspiration. And interestingly enough, the thing I felt most led towards was that with which I did a terrible job with in my own life. If there was one thing I could change about my first (and most likely only) time being pregnant and having a baby, it would be that I appreciated it more. I so wish I would have taken the time to enjoy the days before and up to Adalyn's arrival, and I wish I would have had the foresight to document it all better. The day your family welcomes a new baby into the world is one that really, truly can't be matched, and one that I would do over again and again because it was so amazing. And this is coming from someone who was very private and very modest about the whole event.

But all of a sudden there is magic happening in that delivery room. And once you meet your new baby, you want to remember that day forever. More thoughts on that in these posts:

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So I sincerely hope that these images helped capture the magic of that day for this sweet family. To trust me to take part in such a special time for them means so much, and I am so grateful. | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth | Fort Worth Birth Photography

Oh look at that squishy face! ♥