Birdseed Ornaments | Kid's Christmas Craft As you will be able to tell in the pictures, this was another little craft we were able to do during Ice Storm 2013. It made for some pretty pictures. :)

Birdseed Ornaments


3/4 c flour

1/2 c water

1 envelope plain gelatin

3 Tbs corn syrup

4 c birdseed


Cookie cutters

Wax paper




Stir everything, except the birdseed, together in a large  bowl. Slowly add in the birdseed and mix.
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper and lay cookie cutters out. Spray with cooking spray. Carefully spoon birdseed mixture into each cookie cutter. Press down and smooth with the back of your spoon.
I love how careful it looks like he's being. In all reality I think he gave up halfway through and let me finish filling the rest of them.
Poke a straw through the top of each ornament and let dry for a couple of hours. Guessssss which step I forgot?!
The next step, normally, is to remove the straws, remove the cookie cutters, and flip the ornaments over carefully so they can continue to dry from the other side.  I, unfortunately, had to try and poke the straws through our ornaments at the half-dry phase, and as you can see…we lost a few.
Then, string twine or ribbon through, and hang for the birdies!
He was so excited about this part.
Being iced in for 5 days means we don't have to brush our hair. :)

Needless to say, he decorated this tree the same way he does the Christmas tree. All the ornaments in one square foot of space. But I didn't move them!

Have fun!