Campbell | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

There are just not enough words to express how special this morning was. First of all, hanging out with these sweet parents was just fun. We have a lot in common, and it feels like I've known them forever. Second, and most importantly though.... This baby.

This baby boy made his appearance quite early, and spent his first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine's Day being taken care of by the wonderful doctors and nurses here in FW. And his parents and Jesus of course too :)

Praise the Lord for this handsome guy's health, and his arrival home. He's accomplished so much already, and I feel so honored to be a part of his journey. Enjoy the love in Campbell's newborn session...done just shy of his 4 month birthday!

Kellie-Newborn 2Kellie-Newborn 1Kellie-Newborn 3

Kellie-Newborn 6Kellie-Newborn 4Kellie-Newborn 5Kellie-Newborn 7Kellie-Newborn 8Kellie-Newborn 9Kellie-Newborn 10Kellie-Newborn 12Kellie-Newborn 13Kellie-Newborn 14Kellie-Newborn 16

Kellie-Newborn 17Kellie-Newborn 18Kellie-Newborn 19Kellie-Newborn 20Kellie-Newborn 21

Kellie-Newborn 24Kellie-Newborn 25Kellie-Newborn 22

Kellie-Newborn 23Kellie-Newborn 26Kellie-Newborn 27