Henry + Hudson + Big Sis Charlotte |Fort Worth Baby Photography

I think one of the most amazing things about parenthood is that, in our children, we have these constant, living reminders of how much joy there is in this life we live. You find yourself sitting down at the end of the day completely spent by keeping said children alive and clean and fed, but then you watch them play, and laugh, and enjoy each other's company and you think "wow. this is ours. what a gift."

Children's laughter, specifically among siblings, is very, very good for the soul.

At least that's how I feel about it. I can't imagine that these sweet parents don't feel the same way, because they have two super smiley, spunky, cuddly 9 month boys, and one sweet, personality-filled big sister. It was just as you would expect; the babies pull hair and steal toys and shriek with laughter; big sister tickles and entertains and takes it all in stride.

I giggled SO much throughout the morning of our shoot. I remember exclaiming at one point...I think it was when all three kiddos insisted on being held upside down...that my cheeks were actually, not figuratively, aching from laughing.

Happy 9 months Henry and Hudson! It has been a joy getting to see you grow!

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