James | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

When my daughter was born, my dad brought us the cradle he made before I was born, that both I and my brother used. He had special pink bedding made for it and all. It was incredibly special, and still sits in our guest room right now because the thought of putting it up in the attic makes me so, so sad.

This bassinet has a similar story, though much, much older, and it just made me smile when I heard it. The white wicker bassinet that you will see about halfway through this post was not just used by one or two generations before James. It was used by mom's grandma. So many babies!

I remember specifically asking our sweet photographer to get some images of Adalyn in that cradle, and I was thrilled to be able to do the same for James' family. Babies don't fit in these very long, and it is incredibly special to have photos of these heirlooms.

Welcome to the world Baby James! You were brought home to a house full of color and light and love. And a sassy big sister who will one day be  your very best friend. :)

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