Leighton | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

It is such a huge blessing, and one that I don't take for granted, to be welcomed into the homes of clients. And even more so, to be welcomed in more than once.

I first became a part of this family's story a couple months back as we did mom's maternity photos. And as I arrived back at their home to photograph their beautiful new baby girl, I was totally aware of how fortunate I am to get to be a part of these special moments. Mom and dad are so kind and welcoming, precious Baby Leighton was a perfect little angel, and big brother Liam kept me completely entertained during down time.

I'm sure you can tell, but this was a fun morning for me. :) Oh, and.....baby fever. Sweet Leighton sleeps on her mom just like my daughter used to sleep on me, and I simply could not get enough. I mean, is it possible for a baby to look any more perfectly and utterly content?! Jenn B 1Jenn B 2Jenn B 3Jenn B 4

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