Louie & Fitz | Fort Worth Birth Photography

First of all, let's talk about this mom for a second. Katie and her husband conceived twins naturally, and with no genetic predisposition to multiples…pretty unusual and pretty special!  And for the few months I have known her, she has proved herself to be nothing short of a rockstar. I can't even imagine the toll carrying more than one baby must take on a body, yet Katie was always in high spirits. Always. We weren't expecting her little guys until the end of July/beginning of August, but they were ready to meet their parents! Her water broke during the night, and they texted me early that morning to let me know that they were heading to the hospital. When I heard from them next, she was at 9 cm! I raced out the door and got to the hospital about, oh, 45 seconds before she began pushing.

She labored in the hospital room for awhile, but as soon as her midwives felt that she was making progress, they moved her to the OR purely for precautionary purposes since she was delivering twins. This was a first for me: photographing a natural birth in the OR. It was a packed house…double the babies equals double the staff and nurses!

Fitzgerald (Fitz) came first. As soon as he arrived he got to snuggle with mom, but soon she had to give him up to dad so that she could get his brother earthside. Giving birth is always such a neat testament to what moms do for their babies…the deep deep love than enables us to go through months of pregnancy and hours (days) of labor. But it is never more evident than seeing a mom deliver a baby, only to have to hand that baby over so that she can go through the whole process again. Just amazing.

Katie was so strong, and she had such sweet, sweet support from her husband. My favorite part of the day (other than meeting their new twin boys) was watching and listening to the two of them interact. There was so much encouragement, and laughter; comforting touches and just lots and lots of love. Their boys are very, very lucky! Here is their day: