Rhys | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

There's something so special about sharing the entire journey-to-baby with a couple.

Maternity sessions allow me to re-live, those sweet, anticipatory weeks leading up to baby's arrival. Seeing the nursery perfectly prepared and waiting for a baby just does something to my heart. I remember that time of preparation so sweetly....hanging the little outfits and folding the stacks of burp cloths and organizing the thoughtful gifts that people so lovingly purchase for your expected little one.

First 48 sessions take me back to that incredible, other-wordly time in the hospital when it is just you and your family in this little bubble, meeting and getting to know that baby, finally. The excitement and exhaustion and emotion is at a peak, and its a whirlwind of a time that is so hard to remember when it is gone.

And capturing newborns at home, during their first few weeks of life, is just such a heart-filling thing. Watching new parents love on their baby, and seeing the kind of affection that is showered on these little humans....you wonder how there could ever be anything wrong in the world.

Baby Rhys is absolutely beautiful, and through photographing the months and days leading up to, and after, her arrival, I have made two sweet new friends. I am so happy for this couple, and I cannot wait to see their little girl grow.

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