Mason 3 Mo | DFW Baby Photography

Why is it, when I'm trying to catch up from a week of illness and not a lot of work getting done, that my website decides to have a thousand glitches?

Fortunately, one of the benefits of what I do is, can see below. Babies. Babies remind you of all that is good. Their snuggly bodies and bright eyes make you forget your silly, trivial complaints. Not only do I get to look at pictures of these sweet blessings all day, but I've got one here at home to bring me back to reality.

Just last night before dinner, I had finished this post and went to save it. As you can probably guess, it all disappeared. Gone. Square one. And in order to get dinner on the table in time, I wasn't able to start over. So I slammed my laptop shut and picked up the little person who's hands had been reaching up for me and went outside for a walk.

Watching her little feet kick and hearing her squeal with happiness, her tiny hands pointing out everything that we passed...the frustration melted away. It's not of much condolence to this sweet family who probably would have loved to see their pictures last night, but I know they understand. Because they have this little face too. And there's not much wrong in the world when you get to have this face staring back at you.

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