Matthew | Fort Worth Newborn Photography

I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise (seeing as how his parents both have great hair), but baby Matthew wins hands down for best newborn head of hair this year, so far. He was also a hungry little guy, so we kept him in dad's arms most of the time to keep him from feeling those hunger pains, and I love love love the shots we got of this proud daddy with his son.

Such a beautiful family, and so much for love for their new little guy. Welcome to this wonderful world Matthew! Candace 2Candace 1

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Mason | DFW Newborn Photography

When I met Mason's mommy, I thought she was probably the teeny-tiniest mom-to-be I had ever seen. Just so cute. Her little bundle of joy arrived a bit earlier than expected, like a WEEK after we shot her maternity pictures, and he is a tiny little adorable peanut too.

His mama was a little worried about him being fussy, and I don't think any of then had gotten much sleep the night before, but he was a complete angel throughout the entire morning we spent together. I think babies like to fuss the most when it's just mom and dad around :) Exhaustion aside, Mason is one loved little boy, and judging by his packed closet, is going to be the best dressed baby in their neighborhood.

PS-See if you can spot the photo of him clutching his mama's hair. It's one of my favorites :)

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Mason 21

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