Truett is 1 | Fort Worth Baby Photographer

What a blessing it has been getting to know this they prepared for their son's arrival, as they welcomed him into the world and held him for the very first time; as they spent their first Christmas as a family of three, and now as they celebrate his first birthday. When I narrowed the focus of this business to babies, I did so with the intention of sharing stories like this. I did so with the hope that families would allow me to follow along as their babies grew.  It's such a privilege to be welcomed into these special moments...I now call these guys friends, and I am so happy to wrap up Truett's first year with such a pretty evening in the flowers.

TruettOneYear 1TruettOneYear 2TruettOneYear 3TruettOneYear 4TruettOneYear 5TruettOneYear 6TruettOneYear 7TruettOneYear 8TruettOneYear 9TruettOneYear 10TruettOneYear 11TruettOneYear 12TruettOneYear 13TruettOneYear 13TruettOneYear 14TruettOneYear 15TruettOneYear 16TruettOneYear 17TruettOneYear 18