Truett Craig | Fort Worth Birth Photography

It's funny…this mom-to-be had nothing definitive to go on as far as her due date was concerned. She didn't really eve have a true due-date. She had a due-window. Yet, she seemed to instinctively know when her little boy was going to arrive.

When I met with Andrea and her husband Garhett last Tuesday to chat about the session, she was still not showing any signs of labor. Her due-"window" had come and gone. If nothing happened by the weekend they would induce at the beginning of the following week. As we talked, she made several references to the fact that she was hoping something would happen that evening, and it did.  She was admitted to the hospital early the next morning with contractions.

Her little boy was ready to meet his parents, just not quite ready to leave his warm, comfy, home yet. Labor progressed slowly but progressed none-the-less. We had a great time talking and laughing and sharing stories while we waited for Truett to make his entrance. Finally, it was time. His momma worked hard to get him here, and he was born soon after the start of the next day.

There are always so many beautiful moments during the birth of a baby, but one of my favorites was immediately after birth when Truett was taken to the warming bed by the nurses. Garhett walked over and just watched in awe as his son took his first breaths. He quietly told him happy birthday, and reached his hand out to touch his little boys head, then his hand. After that, there was no letting go. That baby boy knew his dad, and held on tight to his finger as the nurses' took care of his needs.

They then brought him over to Andrea, and as he was being laid on her chest, he looked at her as if he knew exactly who she was.

You hear all the time that babies recognize voices; that they know their mom and dad. I believe it, for sure, but seeing Truett's face as he saw each of them for the first time just confirmed it all.

Thank you Andrea and Garhett for trusting me with your photos, and for including me in your special day. It was truly a blessing!