Magnus | First 48

We always hear how babies change everything--and of course, that is true. Logistically, everything is more difficult, and your life is now centered around another little being. 


Conversely, a thousand million times over, they also make everything BETTER. Brighter, shinier, more fun, more magical. 

Which is why, when I found out this couple was moving to France soon after baby was born, I knew I had to follow along (thank you social media!) ---because what. an. experience. It sounds so cloyingly cliche, but every. little. thing is an immense and heart-expanding joy when you are experiencing it with your baby. It just is. Going to the grocery store. Taking a walk. Going to the zoo. Whatever. Every "first" is better than the last.

So needless to say, I have been living vicariously through this sweet little family and following along with their journey as they raise this handsome little boy in Paris. But here, because blogging is just hard right now, are some photos of baby Magnus's first hours!