3 months! | A Letter to My Daughter

DSC_1530 I wish I had a better picture here, because you were ALL about smiles this month! But I really wanted one that showed your whole little body so I could see how much you are growing! (Even though I want you to stay little forever).

Anyways, will I EVER do one of these on time? You were three months old three days ago, but we were traveling, and you got your first cold, and I just like spending time with you more than I like being on the computer.

But I do love writing to you and your brother here. It ensures that I take the time to document and appreciate the little moments, and I love looking back through pictures.

This has been such a big month it seems! You are so much fun, and are such a sweet, lovey girl. You have started cooing, and it is the best sound ever. I really do think you laugh, too.

You love the morning time, and are full of smiles when you wake up. You are not a fan of the evening, however. Right about 5:00 every day you get pretty agitated with everything. Walks help. And being outside.

You're pretty easy to figure out... You only cry when you are hungry, tired, or in the carseat….you hate being in the car.  And your cries are pretty distinct...your hungry cry is loud and throaty, and your tired cry is drawn out and whimper-y. Your tired cry is kind of heart-wrenching.

You smile at everyone, but I do believe you think your dad is the funniest. He goofs around with you a lot and gets lots of big smiles. And your big brother loves you so much. He always asks to hold you, and he loves borrowing my phone to take pictures of you.

I love your coos, your soft chubby cheeks, and naps with you on my chest.

Even when I am tired, I love picking your snuggly, warm little body up in the middle of the night when you are hungry.

I love taking walks outside with you in your wrap or carrier.

I gave up chocolate for you!

And, I'm still drinking tons of sweet tea…this has been one of my biggest cravings since becoming pregnant with you. I gave up caffeinated coffee long ago, but I just can't quit the sweet tea.

Here are some pictures and some thoughts about your THIRD month. Time does just fly!

This month….

You started SMILING! Holy cow, is there is anything better in the world?? Your smile lights up your whole face, and it makes my heart totally explode.

You moved out of your swaddle. This was kind of sad for me. You have loved being swaddled  since the day you were born, but all of a sudden you started kicking out of your blanket (who only your dad could get tight enough), and you didn't like the pre-made swaddles. I am terrified of loose things in your crib, so out the swaddle blanket went. You are now wearing a sleep sack, and seem to really like too.

You met both of your great-grandmothers this month. I feel so fortunate that they have been able to meet you and be a part of your life.

You were "in" your first wedding. Your uncle Jacob got married, and you were a flower girl. You slept in Aunt Sue's arms the whole time, but you did good!

You met so many of my aunts and uncles and close family friends at the wedding. It was really a fun weekend, and I'm extremely grateful that so many of them were able to come down and visit.

You started noticing your toys! You really watch them when we play with you, and you started being able to grasp a couple things too.

You got your first cold :( It's terrible seeing you uncomfortable.

Now for pictures!

This outfit below is sentimental to me…it is the very first thing piece of clothing I ever bought you. Your grandma and I went on a girls trip to Salado in May, and we had so much fun looking at stuff for you. This little newborn onesie was my first purchase. Then, your dad decided to use it as his "emergency outfit" in his diaper bag, so it got stuffed away and forgotten about. Fortunately once I found it it still fit you, and you've been wearing it every day since. ;)  not really...


Texas weather…beginning of the month we were taking walks like this; end of the month you're bundled up in full-body fleece.

blog2Apparently I really like this outfit! I thought the second picture was cute…looks like you're punching your brother in the nose. :)

blog3Thats Ian with my phone...


So one of the things I dread most is packing up each stage of clothing. Just the thought that you grow SO fast and these tiny outfits will soon be too small. So I told myself I was going to try and photograph each outfit. Some are with my good camera; some are with my phone…but my goal is just to document it!


These fancy outfits are your dad's purchases... I much prefer the casual one-piece footies and the like, but your dad is your dad….

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Larry….


It decided to get bitterly cold here one week, and we were entirely unprepared. So you wore socks as gloves.


I started making you some headbands this month….hoping to maybe sell some to support you and I staying home together next semester. :) You were an excellent model!


You do not like tummy time, so this is a rare moment below….

And I just thought the last picture was cute.


Now for the iPhone pics. So grateful for such a portable camera!


You got your first round of shots. If it helps you figure out how much you hated it, you took a pacifier afterwards. And I've NEVER been able to get you to take a pacifier.

The last picture is when you tasted infant tylenol for the first time.


Swaddle to sleep sac...


Your brother loves holding you.


My kind of outfit...


Your grandpop came down a few days early for Jacobs wedding to help us with the house.

Second picture is what you wore home from  the hospital. It finally fits you so you wore it to Jacobs rehearsal dinner.


You being silly, and after we went on a walk later that evening when you got fussy. Instantly calms you down.


Noticing your toys!blogi7



Pictures from the wedding weekend:blogi10


Thanksgiving weekend:blogi12

8 weeks and 12 weeks...


Love you so much baby girl! As you can hopefully tell, its been another joy-filled month with you!

Love, your mom.