Fall Family Session

Funny how God provides. Well not really funny, because he does it all the time, but I often forget…and doubt…and worry…and get super anxious.

When we decided last month that I would stay home a little while longer to take care of our baby girl, the scariest thing was coming to terms with the fact that I wouldn't be receiving a regular paycheck for several months. But I just truly, truly felt that this is what I was supposed to do, and have hoped and prayed that the details would fall into place as the months progress.


I still don't quite know what that means yet, but I do know that it sure was a confidence booster and an answer to prayer when some fellow Texan cousins wrote me asking me to take their family pictures. Not only do I adore this family, but they also offered to drive to me, versus me having to leave the baby all day. So I got to do their session, and then got to enjoy their company for a little while longer at dinner!

Sidenote…there was us and our two kids (one of whom is a really loud, boisterous five-year old, and one who is mostly calm but can wake up hungry and squealing sometimes), and my cousin and his wife and their two kids (a two year old and a four year old), and my dad. Poor guy. So you can imagine...we're "that table." My cousin and his wife were probably exhausted from trying to corral the kids for a successful family photo session (always more stressful for the parents than the photographer), and I was rocking the carseat with one hand and eating with the other, hoping the baby didn't wake up. But, during the middle of our meal, a nice older couple stopped at our table on the way out and said they just wanted to commend us on our parenting, and tell us that we had wonderful kids. Who does that?? We all already knew that of course, but sometimes you wonder if other people see it amidst the hyperactivity and dirt and chaos that is kids. :)

Was so sweet, and just another little bit of encouragement for this tired, anxiety-prone mom.

Here are the pics…I think they turned out beautifully. We seemed to really catch the best of fall in Texas!

bree linne photography

bree linne photography

bree linne photography

bree linne photographybree linne photographybree linne photography

bree linne photography

This set makes me laugh…I read somewhere that the best philosophy for parents during family pictures is similar to that old saying for kids: "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit." Meaning, if your kids are being silly, or won't smile, or are making goofy faces…whatever…it's ok. Sometimes you get the pictures that you most love, or that most remind you of that stage in your kids'  lives. And that's a win.bree linne photographybree linne photographybree linne photographybree linne photographybree linne photographyNow to relax and let off steam at the playground. :)bree linne photography

I LOVED getting to see you guys, and am so appreciative that you thought of me and entrusted me with your pictures! I hope you love them!