Grinch Kabobs, and Postpartum Reflections on Blogging

Running with the theme from my last rambling here, I am going to try and not send a post out to never never land just so I can say I've done x-number of posts a week.  I promise (to myself, mostly) to only post things that are important to me, things that we as a family enjoyed, things that I want to share because I think YOU will like them. I also might post my thoughts, and pretty pictures. :) Deal? So here is the last post I did on my other blog, and I wanted to share it here, because I know so many of you reading this are my family and friends, and you are like-minded in your love for the holidays and your love for kids!

I might periodically continue to share things on this site that are from Sugar and Grace. The posts will simply be pulled from there as is. I do this so that I can transfer my favorite recipes/kid ideas/etc. onto this site.

Well hey. I am still not quite sure what to do with this little site here. A lot has happened since I last shared anything!

We found out we were expecting in January, and it just completely threw me for a loop. And not in a bad way! We had been hoping to add to our family for the longest time, but this was my first pregnancy and I just didn't expect all the mental and emotional stuff that came with it.  I pretty much lost all desire to blog…I didn't even hardly pick up my camera for 9 months.  I had zero motivation to write about food; heck, for the first trimester I couldn't even look at my blog. Anything that I had made in recent days completely turned my stomach. I still to this day can't really stomach smoothies.

And it was the greatest 9 months ever! I didn't do ANYTHING at home except spend time with my family and read books. It was pretty fabulous. I just didn't care! I didn't care how many page views I got; I didn't stress about trying to cook and photograph meals all before my son's bedtime;  I didn't worry about having the "suggested" number of posts for the week/month/etc. And the world kept spinning. It was eye-opening, and refreshing, and utter bliss.

This is not to say I don't enjoy it, or try really hard at this blogging stuff. It doesn't mean I don't appreciate SO much anyone that actually takes the time to read what I babble about. But I realized that this blog was not my life (it's not even my job, unfortunately), and I got to enjoy this time with my family as a lazy pregnant lady. Well I still got up and went to work every day, but the evenings were the best. No muss, no fuss; no stress, no rushing around. Just dinner and hanging out. And reading. I read a TON of books while pregnant.

So our baby girl is two months now, and I am definitely still not not cooking or photographing anything new…and can't say that I've developed the desire to do so yet. I'm just trying to keep my head above water with two kiddos. But my mom mentioned this super cute Christmas gift, and when she showed it to me I told her we were wayyy ahead of her. We had done it last year; I just never got around to sharing it! So I thought maybe I could at least do that…share some of the stuff we did last Christmas. Because we did a bunch! Don't know if I'll ever have that much energy again! But I've got two precious, healthy kids and I'll take that any day. :)

Grinch Kabobs



Green grapes

Mini marshmallows




Really not much too this. Slice bananas into semi-thick slices (if they're too thin they will break when you try to skewer them), then start assembling.

First a grape, then a banana slice, then a strawberry, then a marshmallow.

This is so easy for kids, and a healthy snack. And kids love to eat anything off a stick!