7 Months | A Letter to my Daughter

My sweet Addie, Let's just not talk about me trying to do these on time anymore.

We've had a good month, but we always do.  You just make all of our days brighter, and I look forward to each and every new moment with you.  I can't really believe that you are more than half a year old. It truly does seem like yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. But then again, it seems like you have forever been the fourth piece to our family.

You just keep developing more and more personality. You have an incredibly sweet, calm disposition, and are much more like me in that area than your dad or brother. Your dad still thinks you are going to end up rough and tumble like Ian, but I just don't see it. I think you will be all sugar and rainbows. But we'll see. We will think you hung the moon no matter what.

You always have a crazy case of bedhead in the mornings (and all day) and I love it. Makes me smile all the time.www.breelinne.com

This month had a lot of firsts when it came to solids. You started to really enjoy rice cereal, and tried peas, apples, and bananas. You seem to really like apples; you did not like bananas (see pictures below); and I'm pretty sure you abhor peas. The first time you threw them up about 9 seconds after eating them, but I kept trying just to see if it was a fluke. It wasn't--you gag every time.

Your favorite part of solids is the spoon. You've never wanted a pacifier, yet you've loved gumming stuff ever since you were born. So it is no surprise to me that you love the rubbery baby spoons.

Oh and you've had a few Baby Mum Mums. You grab for our food constantly, so its fun to give you something you can grab on to and eat.


Your grandma had a trunk of my old baby clothes saved that she gave me. You are wearing one of the outfits below, excluding the socks. Your feet were cold so I put on some socks that I thought would semi-match. Except they are way too big and go up to your knees.blog3

Your fascination with your feet continues to grow. You especially love trying to eat them. Oh, and you're pushing up SO much more now. Instead of doing your superman thing when you are on your stomach with you arms flailing behind you, you realized that you could use your hands and hold yourself up.blog4

These are just some strawberry jammies that I have wanted to get you forever. blog5

And the iPhone photos:

You are in the grabbing faces phase, for sure. I love it. It's precious to watch your hands reach out for us. All pain aside. ;)


You had your six month check up a little late. You were in the 60th-ish percentile for height, and the 20th for weight. You weighed 14lbs 6 oz. Barely doubled your birth weight. I so often worry that you are too small, but the doctor says it is just how you were made. And God knows way better than I.

More bedhead!


My bff Jenn came to visit us. She has, as I write this, already landed in Spain for the first of many stops overseas. She has always dreamed of traveling for an extended period of time, and she's actually doing it…with no set idea of when she is returning! So I am so glad we got that visit in. We took walks and talked and walked some more and talked some more.  She also brought you some super cute clothes, and this hat. I cannot wait for next winter. blog9

As I mentioned, you are really developing a personality, and one of the places that comes out most is in your crib before naps. You roll around and "talk" and squeal and flap your arms and legs. I hate hearing your cry in your crib, but if you are just playing we will often sit and watch you on the monitor. It's hugely entertaining. For us that is. Anyone reading this without kids probably thinks we're lame. I'm pretty sure you've figured out that the camera is there, because you are always looking at it. blog10And your favorite thing to do this month has been this face….it makes us laugh and you know it. Because soon after you do this breathing-in-and-out-really-loudly thing (accompanied by the face) you start to smile.blog11It was a revelation to me to realize that you have had very little exposure to sunshine in the last few months. It was such a bleak and long winter.  It's crazy to think that this nice weather we are finally having is the first sunshine you have experienced since you were itty bitty. We went to your brother's first golf lessons and you stood on grass for the first time!blog12

So, not too crazy of a month. Which is great, after the last few months we've had moving, etc. It is incredibly nice to settle in and do normal things like take walks, and sit outside, and just hang out with each other. You, as you have since you were a newborn, love being outside. We have a little plastic slide set up outside for you that we are so looking forward to watching you play on. Not too fast though, ok? Stay a baby for awhile longer.

You bring us such joy baby girl. We love you and are so thankful to God for giving us the gift of you.


your mom