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No one-no one-can understand how emotional parenting a newborn is, until you do it (at least for moms….dads, I don't know).  No one also, though, will ever know how AMAZING it is as well, until it is experienced. Yet, it is hard. You have this huge, crazy, ridiculous love for the tiny baby you birthed, but with that comes this enormous sense of responsibility to do right by them…and often no idea what the "right" thing for them is. But just as I believe that God knows our children before we do, I also believe that he created them specifically for each of us. So you trust in that, love your baby, and take it day by day. If someone asked you if you wanted to give up sleep for a year, handle bodily fluids all day, and spend your time with people that cry a lot, you'd probably say thanks but no thanks. Yet we do it every day….so, so willingly. Because our babies are the best things that have ever happened to us.

Sometimes they fuss, and you don't know why. Sometimes they cry, and you don't know how to make it all better. Sometimes they scream, and you worry they're hurt. It's worry after worry after worry. But it is all WORTH it.

Which is why I never go in to newborn sessions with expectations anymore. Each baby is different, each baby is special, each baby is so worth the work…no matter what temperament they are in.  If the baby doesn't sleep; its ok. If they cry, it's ok. If they don't want to's totally ok! I photograph newborns so that families have images to remember this special, fleeting time by. That is what I wanted when I had my daughter, and that is what I want to give to others.

Little Cooper here is such a handsome little guy, and he sure put his parents to work during our photo shoot(s). Yep, we had two of them. After much cuddling and rocking and shushing on day 1, we decided to give sweet Cooper a break and try again a few days later. And it was fine! Because yes, we did get some sweet baby photos of him on his own, but my favorites are (and always will be) the images of baby being held and loved. There is no other time beyond infancy where your arms will so often be filled with cuddly baby warmth. I say we take advantage of it.

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