9 Months | A Letter to My Daughter

My dear Addie. I told you I wasn't going to address my late-ness with these anymore, because, well, an on-time post just may never happen. But this one is SO late and you are almost 10 months and I can't hardly remember anything that I wanted to remember. Ugh. It's been a rough few weeks, and I don't really know why. It's all my weird first-time mom of a baby stuff I guess, but I am just having a hard time adjusting. There are so many facets to being a mom, and I often don't feel like I am getting a lot of it right. But fortunately, the one thing I know I HAVE to be doing correctly is showing you how loved you are. Because theres no way the depth of love I have for you can't spill over into everything I do. So if nothing else, theres that. You are SO loved.

I mentioned all this last month I think, so I guess it's just an ongoing battle. But I hope and pray that no matter how crummy or stressed or discouraged I feel about other things, that you always feel completely special and important and adored. Cause you are.

Here's your 9th month (!)


One of the biggest things I noticed this month was that your absolute most favorite things to play with are any objects that are not toys. ;) blog2

Wipes packages…so loud and crinkly. Boxes. Fun! Toy packaging…so fun!


We got your first swing!blog3

Just a few pictures we took before church one day. You look so grown up with your hair clipped back. I don't know how to do a sad (can-we-please-slow-down-time) emoji on the computer keyboard or else it would go right. here. blog4blog5

Your brother graduated from Kinder! You were obviously very excited. Or you just love your Aunt Rachel. Or both.blog7

From my phone:

This was the first time your dad and I have celebrated our anniversary as the parents of two kids. And this picture of you both just captures it pretty well. blog8

Your grandma and I go to a small town B&B every May for our mother/daughter trip, so this year it became a mother/daughter/grandaughter trip! It was definitely a lesson in planning better for travel. You were a trooper, and did very well despite being incredibly over-tired our first evening there. Lesson one-don't travel during your nap time. You do not sleep in cars. Lesson two-research my lodging a bit more. Our room was the whole top floor of an old building, and the staircase to get to it was about twelve inches wide, and steep. Carrying you and your bed and all of our stuff up and down was a heck of a workout. Also, charming old buildings = thin walls and lots of windows. Not SUPER conducive to naps for you. I'm sorry.

But here are some pictures from the weekend. blog9

Look at those swollen tired eyes.blog10

The meal above was your dinner of plums, eaten at the bar of a restaurant while we waited for our to-go order. We took our food back to the inn and ate on our balcony. In our PJ's. Different than our other trips, but still way better because we had you sleeping sweetly inside.

I love finding cute little girly cafes with really good soups and salads. I can't wait to do this more with you as you get older and hopefully start to enjoy the trips as much as we do! Oh, and you started sitting in your stroller versus the carseat hooked into the stroller. You've never loved the carseat, so this was a good transition for you. You still seem a bit too small, and you kind of lean, a lot. But you are so much happier. blog11

Lastly, just something I wanted to make sure I documented for my memory…your hair is getting SO long, and its starting to come to this sweet little point at the back of your neck. I love to plant kisses all over it!

Oh and you still haven't completely acclimated to solids, but we found that you like the pouches better than the stuff I make for you at home. Go figure. I'm not going to stop trying, but for now, whatever gets you to eat!blog12

As always, you are a joy and a precious gift to us. God is so gracious, and we thank him for you every day.

I love you so much,

your mom