Katie & Greg + 2 | Fort Worth Maternity Photography

If you know me at all, you know that I am SO not glamourous. I usually fall asleep with my hair wet, and my makeup is simply whatever my mom has tried and passed on to me. (It's awesome having a beauty junkie for a mother!) And I like clothes ok, but I'm definitely not that mom that always looks put together. I know, my husband is a lucky guy.

I say all this because my love for all things simple and casual typically translates into my work. I much prefer the raw, real, candid moments of a birth. The sweet, enamored faces of new parents holding their newborn. The silly giggles and sticky hands as a baby plays with their toys or eats a snack. These are the things that I like to see on my camera.

However, I kind of love a little drama and glamour in maternity sessions. Whether mom wants to do her session at home (which I am always partial to) or out (which can be magical when you find a beautiful grove of trees like we did) the pregnancy glow is real.

I look back on pictures of myself pregnant (and there aren't many…I was very self conscious) and I think "man! I look healthy! I look happy! I look rested!"

Moms-to-be just have this special something about them. There is never a time when a woman looks more beautiful than while doing this most amazing task of growing a baby.

Or in this case…two. Two babies. So amazing. Katie is so relaxed and easy-going, and the fact that she was already measuring nine-months didn't phase her a bit. We started a bit more casual, then made a last minute decision to try a different location after her outfit change. And it just worked. There were so many gorgeous images of this expectant mom and dad. I cannot wait to meet their two little boys next month!