Grateful | Fort Worth Child Photographer

A  little bit about my business: I have a very, very small advertising/marketing budget. I rely almost solely on word of mouth and referrals to keep this thing going, and thankfully the DFW metroplex is full of mommies supporting other mommies trying to make a living as a small business owner (see, and Shop Small Fort Worth---two hugely supportive sites that have been such a blessing to me recently).

So all this ties back together to this sweet family. This mama started the Shop Small Fort Worth group, and we ended up connecting and chatting over social media as her idea was born. Then, a few weeks later, I found myself with an unexpected cancellation one weekend, and it was like the planets aligned. Now, you all know I don't normally shoot families, unless it is a part of a maternity, newborn, or milestone session. It's just not where I feel my strengths lie. Unless there is a baby around, or on the horizon, I feel fairly out of my element. I think its my slightly introverted nature. But this mom, who has been a champion of small business owners over the past couple months, has not had photos taken of her family in years. So she jumped in and hired me last minute and we had a blast. She is a joy to talk to and be around, and her family is a hoot. Look at those boys.

As to the title of this post...never EVER would I have dreamed that I would meet so many ladies willing to go to bat for me; that other busy moms would take time out of their schedules to support small business owners. Glowing words from happy moms is quite honestly the absolute best advertising I could ask yea, for all the support that our amazing little/big town has, I am grateful.

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