Micah, 6 months | Fort Worth Child Photography

It is absolutely amazing to me what God enables babies to withstand. For starters, just the whole birth process, which I would think would be so traumatic for these tiny beings. Leaving this perfect, protected environment, enduring the physicality of labor, and then entering this bright, loud world.

But they lay down on their mom's chest and they're comfortable again. It's so easy.

Or they endure two brain surgeries before the age of 6 months, and yet are resilient, happy, giggly babies.

Like Micah.

In the interest of privacy, I'm not going to share too much of this family's journey, but it's just so incredible to look at her face; her grin, her eyes, and know that she has persisted through an experience that most of us will never have to go through, let alone before the age of one.

It was humbling to meet Micah's mom, and talk with her, and just see how she lays her baby girl in the faithful hands of Jesus every day as they overcome this hurdle.

And Micah, she was an absolute joy. Can you tell?! She made my job easy.

I'm so thankful to this family for entrusting me with such special pictures. I enjoyed every minute of it.