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Today when I was picking my daughter up from her summer "camp" at preschool I heard this little, sweet, familiar voice..."Hi Ms. Bree!!"

I knew immediately who it was, because this precious girl somehow remembers me every time I see her. I photograph them once, maybe twice a year, and yet she consistently recognizes me and says hello. Charlotte, you are a doll, and you make me smile every time I see you!

Additionally, this mama was actually the one who referred me to our school, and I couldn't be more grateful. But, that is only one of the many reasons I adore this family. They are so laid back, so easy to photograph, and comfortable enough with me that they just allow me to follow them around as they interact with one another--which is my favorite thing to do with little ones.

Aren't they the cutest thing you've seen all day?

Lena and Family | Fort Worth Baby Photographer

Soon, I realize, my daughter is going to be older than all of my 1-yr clients, and I won't be able to say this....but Lena reminded me so, so much of my Adalyn. Except for the fact that she would sit still and  actually allow herself to be read to. Addie doesn't do that.

Lena, who turned one this month, is petite, loves to be held, and only has a few sweet tiny teeth. (I think God designed new little baby teeth to be so stinking cute so that us moms could get over the loss of that gummy smile a little bit easier.) She is sweet and totally angelic looking, but she is also feisty, tough, and full of personality....and she lovessss doing whatever big brother is doing.

Also, if you didn't see my IG post...this little boy can seriously play those drums. I smiled a little when I saw the set, because I immediately thought "grandparent gift." :) You know, one of those gifts that kids really, reallllllly want but parents never want to buy because of the noise so grandma and grandpa do it? But no, mom and dad totally encourage this hobby, and for good reason. This is a true talent of this little boy, and I was blown away!

I say it all the time and I will say it again...these at-home sessions are where my heart is. The ordinary moments of life with babies are memories that many don't consider preserving...but to me, they are the most priceless. We all know our hearts can be filled to the brim by seeing our little ones peek out and smile at us over the side of the crib, by watching them read a favorite book or play with a favorite toy; by witnessing their sweet attachment to a lovey. Don't we want to remember that? We live a million more ordinary moments with our children than we do extraordinary. But that doesn't make them any less special.

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